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Our philosophy on training camps is first and foremost to create an environment where you the athlete can train, eat and sleep like a pro.  In short this means we train hard, but smart and make the most of the recovery periods all to achieve a super-compensation effect.

In our years of coaching triathlon we have witnessed first-hand the positive effects a well planned training camp has on an individual’s race season performance.

We have been providing triathlon training camps for over 10 years and have the experience to know what makes a camp an enjoyable experience and a success.

We plan our camps very carefully so all you have to do is sign-up, turn up and enjoy.  We consider all aspects that make a training camp a success including the climate, comfortable accommodation, the food, the terrain, cycle routes, etc.  We plan the training to elicit the correct training effect and ensure all sessions are well supervised.

Athlete Testimonials

Toby Matthewson (30-35 AG Triathlete)

Before meeting James I was training consistently but with no real purpose and strategy. I was impressed with the technical insight and individual time James was able to deliver....

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Carrie Boericke (Mother)

My 10 year old son has benefited greatly from individual coaching by Emma, serving to improve his performance and his confidence. Her coaching style is entirely bespoke....

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Elizabeth Jack (Personal Coaching)

I have used James as a trainer for several years and in that time I have changed from being a relatively unfit person with a bad back who did very little exercise into someone who has run a marathon .....

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