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With over 20 years endurance coaching experience our coaches are continuously researching and trying to develop ways to convert the plethora of sport science conclusions into practical coaching techniques.  Below we share with you some useful insight and tips to help you with your triathlon training.

Winning is for Losers… 

Coach James Beckinsale has been doing a lot of thinking recently. The head coach of Optima Racing Team ( coaches athletes of all abilities from novice juniors through athletes looking for London 2012 Olympic selection. However, he’s questioning the attitude and focus on ‘winning’ that he has been seeing from several sources and now asks, is ‘winning for losers’? Is an increasing obsession on ‘winning’ healthy?

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James Beckinsale
The Secret to Performance Running… 

No Two Ways…

In this article James looks at the science of performance running, which has garnered much discussion in recent years, with developments in shoes technology, the promotion of ‘fore-foot striking’ / Chi-running and more.

Here, James aims to clarify the science from the myths, and put forward his approach to performance running, where he suggests “there’s only one true way to run for performance.

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Done in an Hour: Swim 

This is the start of a new series which is intended for all of us who are constrained in the amount of time that we can devote to our training. The series title, “Done in an Hour…” formed the basis of the brief — come up with a selection of workouts for the swim, bike and run that can be done in an hour, the sort of time we can squeeze in before work, as a long lunch or after work but before we have to deal with all the family stuff.

The first of his articles, James looks at three swim sessions that are designed to improve your technique, your race preparation and your open water swimming. All of these can be fitted into that magic hour as long as you focus on the task in hand.

Done in an hour: Bike 

You know, and I know, there is no substitute for putting in the miles when it comes to cycling, the more revolutions done in training the easier the racing!
However, some of us work upwards of 40 hours per week and therefore can’t afford to just jump on our bikes and do 3 – 5 hour rides three or four days a week. So, what sessions are going to benefit you the most given our intention that you can get to your bike/gym and be done and dusted in under an hour?
There are three areas we are going to look at:
1. Technique
2. Force
3. Sustained power

Done in an hour: Run
The third in our series of “Done in an hour” articles is looking to give you three run sessions specifically targeting skills and technique, technique and aerobic capacity and finally lactate tolerance and strength. 

Running is by far the predominant area in which triathletes pick up most of their injuries and this can be caused by poor technique, over training (as it is the only weight-bearing discipline) or conducting brick type sessions thus running tired off the bike (again poor technique/ poor economy of motion).

The cardiac drift phenomenon 

You may be thinking about your first ultra endurance event*, ironman triathlon, adventure race, Etape or ultra marathon. Amazing, that just off the top of my head I came up with quite a solid list of events, which are designed to test the limits of human endurance! What’s even more amazing is that these events are not just completed by superhuman elites, they are completed by you and your buddy in the office working 40–50 hrs a week and hey, no afternoon snoozing! That’s superhuman. [*Ultra endurance is determined as an event lasting longer than four hours.]

Getting to racing weight for triathletes 

Carrying a couple of extra kilograms of bodyweight a few weeks out from your first major race leaves no time to reduce the deficit in a healthy and performance enhancing way. The fat or obese person can probably just increase their exercise level and hey, the fat count will drop off. However, you are probably a different animal, training hard or at the very least above ‘normal’ and for the most part eating quite well. So how do you go about hitting your optimal weight?

Athlete Testimonials

Toby Matthewson (30-35 AG Triathlete)

Before meeting James I was training consistently but with no real purpose and strategy. I was impressed with the technical insight and individual time James was able to deliver....

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Carrie Boericke (Mother)

My 10 year old son has benefited greatly from individual coaching by Emma, serving to improve his performance and his confidence. Her coaching style is entirely bespoke....

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Elizabeth Jack (Personal Coaching)

I have used James as a trainer for several years and in that time I have changed from being a relatively unfit person with a bad back who did very little exercise into someone who has run a marathon .....

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